We mainly focus on the below lines of business. The objective is different for every organization. Often this is set to creating interaction and/or improving customer contact.



For sports stadiums, sports halls and sports complexes we have been developing Stadium Connect. With Stadium Connect you are in direct contact with your fans via free stadium-WiFi and a Club App. During as well as outside the matches.

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More than 100 organizations in the Netherlands house over 600,000 employees, expats and students. For that it is essential that the WiFi is excellent. But there is a lot more. The registration and the app are an ideal combination for indispensable data flow and extremely interesting revenue models.

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Recreational parks

Also camping guests and visitors at recreational and holiday parks require access to fast internet to be able to email, surf, work, chat, etc. WiFi is an indispensable element in the services at your camping, recreational park or holiday park. We have been developing Camping Connect because of the growing need for connectivity at campings.

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The world around us is starting to evolve on a digital level. That is why it is important that pupils, schools and teachers have the opportunity to develop with this digital world. Good and safe internet, smart use of digital learning resources and other digital solutions are of great importance.

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