More than 100 organizations in the Netherlands house over 600,000 employees, expats and students. For that it is essential that the WiFi is excellent. But there is a lot more. The registration and the app are an ideal combination for indispensable data flow and extremely interesting revenue models.

Excellent Wifi is a necessity. The services that you can unlock with WiFi are becoming increasingly important.
Bluetrace is specialized in these services. Before the guest (student, expat) can use the WiFi at all, they have to register. Only when the data is checked and correct it will be possible for the guest to connect to the WiFi. This connection process also makes it mandatory to have your app installed on your device.

The accommodation provider and the employment agency can see if the guest is in the accommodation. Targeted (commercial) actions can be taken towards these guests. There are options to communicate directly via email or push messages.
The guest can check in and out without the intervention of the accommodation agent, use WiFI, communicate directly with the accommodation provider (for example if there are questions or complaints) and purchase various products via the app.
Finally, it is also increasingly important for the authorities that it is clear whether people are located in the accommodation and that they can be identified.

Bluetrace follows – if applicable – the standards of the SNF and the legislation of the Personal Data Authority (Privacy / AVG).