The world around us is starting to evolve on a digital level. That is why it is important that pupils, schools and teachers have the opportunity to develop with this digital world. Good and safe internet, smart use of digital learning resources and other digital solutions are of great importance.

Bluetrace ensures that your school, students and teachers can make the best use of digital solutions that reduce work pressure, improve learning performance and improve attractiveness for parents. We do this through Cloud Telephony, professional WiFi, chromebooks, a user-friendly management solution and everything that comes with it. Besides that we do our best to find the best solution for your school, safety and security are from great importance. We offer you all kinds of solutions to improve, secure and monitor your network.

Curious about the quality and safety of the current system (including WiFi) at your school?
We would like to visit your school and offer you a free site survey with report and advice.

Bluetrace can offer your school the following products and services:

  • Cloud Telephony
  • Professional WiFi
  • Preventing spam and viruses
  • Chromebooks/Tablets
  • Integration ParnasSys, Heutink (, Cloudwise, Snappet and more mehtodes
  • Smart chargers and lockers
  • nique management console for all equipment
  • Security management system
  • Security cameras
  • GPS security and Stickers
  • Reports of usage, methods and devices
  • Maximum support and peiodic training on location
  • Installation outside class times

In summary, the added value Bluetrace:

Better results Being and staying attractive to teachers
Working from home and Good learning resources
Guidance by BT
Good Wi-Fi
Safe learning environment and Anti theft
Insight using learning methods
Insight productivity teachers and students
Guidance by BT

Own personal chromebook / tablet
Challenging learning methods individually
Good Wi-Fi


Simply guide students and methods
Less overtype work
Less different systems
Communication with school, parents, students
Telephony & amp; app
Working from home
Good Wi-Fi
Guidance by BT

Good school for my child
Challenging learning methods individually
Better outflow (read better results) child
Communication with school, teachers

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