Bluetrace also active in (international) events world

With Retropop, the Professional Squash Association (PSA), the Concours Hippique and The Capital Cup, Bluetrace has made some significant steps in the (international) events world. From WiFi and related services (for example, the marketing landing page) to payment solutions and Apps, Bluetrace offers a wide range of products and services that enable event organizers to better serve their guests, users, players, sponsors and the audience. Free WiFi for the audience and for the organizers a means to get to know their guests, no more hassle with coins or receipts, road signs and comfort. With these products and services Bluetrace proves once again that it connects people and organizations ('connect').

Board member Sjef Maessen, responsible for Events, Sponsorship and Catering at the Concours Hippique: “We now organize the Concours Hippique for the second time and got in touch with Bluetrace. For our sponsors and their relations we now have a WiFi area. Through the landing page we can welcome them, communicate the program and present our sponsors. In addition, we now have a payment solution of this time. I did not know that it was possible in terms of connectivity because we are pretty remote here. In short, we are very happy with this partner for the future “.

General Manager Norbert de Kort of Bluetrace: “We make so many great connections with people and organisations and before we even realize it, we take care of the WiFi in England for the PSA or we build an App for the biggest Footgolf tournament in the world or we provide connectivity for the Concourse Hippique. And what about Retropop, what a fantastic event: almost 40,000 people attending in two days! “.