We are developing apps that enable our clients to communicate actively and effectively with guests, fans and clients. The app also offers an effective channel for sales and marketing activities.

We are mainly building apps in the the sports and recreation branches. In the sports branche we are developing apps for (professional) clubs to increase interaction with fans. In the recreation branche we are developing apps to improve services and offer additional products and services.

Our apps consist of a diversity of functionalities to generate extra revenues. In this way your organization can offer a functionality that enables guests to make reservations or to offer affiliate (marketing) programs. Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing that enables advertising companies to reward partners (campings) for the generated sales (through commission).

Do you want to know more about our apps?

See how we improve interaction with fans through our Stadium Connect concept by voting for the Man of the Match, but also through Sponsor2D: an affiliate program that enables fans to support their club free of charge.

See how we improve services and the offering of products through the Camping Connect concept. For instance: a ‘day out’: a function that enables guests to book an activity and generates commission for the camping at the same time.