People require access to fast (wireless) internet to be able to chat, surf, work, email, stream, etc. With Bluetrace WiFi you offer your customers, guests, colleagues and fans extremely fast internet that helps your customers to improve their services. We would like to help you to build such a WiFi-network.

Our core business is connectivity. We started as WiFi-supplier and because of the dynamics of connectivity we have been developing and improving our services. Nowadays everyone is 24/7 online and extremely fast internet has become a prerequisite. With this product you are literally and figuratively directly connected to your customer/guest/fan. With our WiFi you are having powerfull marketing tools (like a landing page and smart reporting tools like insight in customer movements and surfing behaviour) at your disposal as well.

Our latest WiFi-hardware is HPE/Aruba’s and we can deliver software that enables you to manage and monitor your network easily, also remotely. Finally we deliver a broad range of reporting tools that gives you insight in the functioning of the access points, the number of connected clients and the coverage of the WiFi.

The possibilities though WiFi:

  • Landing page: for commercials or information
  • The WiFi-network can be easily expanded
  • Usage reports on WiFi
  • Management tool for managing and monitoring access points and users
  • Professional security
  • Central configuration system

Possible connections through Bluetrace WiFi:

  • (security) cameras
  • Screens
  • Building management systems
  • Smart LED
  • Payment
  • Cash